5 Reasons Why You Need These Processes For Your Digital Marketing Agency

Processes. This has been something of a problem for agency owners of every level. You get the agency going, clients are rolling in, and things are rocking and rolling! But then somewhere you get lost. You are wearing so many hats that your business hits that plateau. There is just too much going on and you can only spread yourself so thin. 

Once that happens you realize that your agency just can’t grow anymore. You don’t have enough hands or resources to handle more business. This means you can’t bring in a higher level of revenue. You may think this means you are doing great since you are so busy, but really it means you just gave yourself yet another job. It’s a wake-up call that now you are working IN your business, rather than working ON it. You need to create processes to help streamline this a little more so you can get help. We have the solution in 5 simple reasons. Thank you Troy Dean and the Team over at WP Elevation for teaching us processes many many moons ago

#1: If You Want To KEEP Growing, Your Going To Need Your A-Team

We have heard it before. “I don’t like to share my toys.” “I don’t trust anyone. It’s better to do it myself.” “Why should I hire someone and give them part of my money? I can do what they do and save myself some money.” We are here to tell you that this is all WRONG! Just think about it for a minute. If you look, almost EVERY billionaire in the world has had a partner. Even Mark Zuckerburg (the Facebook guy). Even Troy Dean (you know, that Australian guy) has a whole team working with him. 

You need to understand that the goal is not to work on strengthening your weakness but rather making your strengths even stronger. We need to DOUBLE DOWN on what you are good at and leave the rest to a team. Things like funnel building, copywriting, Facebook Ads, project management, sales, etc…that’s where your A-Team comes in. They are there to fill in and help in those critical areas that your agency has to help handle those projects and knock them out of the park. 

#2: If you aren’t learning, your business isn’t growing.

We’re sure you have heard the phrase “You learn something new every day.” This is especially true when it comes to your business. You need to always be trying out new techniques to grow and push your agency to new limits. Focus on your service and handle your clients with the highest level of care. You need to keep finding ways to keep motivated and on fire. At the end of the day, your goal is to make more money without investing more time into it. The best way to do that is to build your team and give them the processes so that you have the time to do what you do best. 

I tell all my students to always stay students. Always be learning and experimenting with new ways and techniques that can help push your agency further. This means focusing on expanding your services, servicing your clients at the highest level, and finding more and more ways to ‘fire yourself’ from the business. What I mean by that is, at the end of the day we must figure out how to make more money without investing more time and the only way to do that is to build yourself an infrastructure that will allow your business to run without you. No one is going to love your business more than you. 


#3: To be able to successfully sell your company one day, it needs to be able to stand on its own.

We have mentioned processes several times. But really, what are processes and why do you need them? Basically we break our company down into 4 sections: Sales, Operations, Fulfillment, & Expansion. Most of the time expansion is handled by you until you build a special team for it but we digress. Your business is like a machine, made of different parts that all work together for the machine to run correctly. So they need to run smoothly and everyone needs to have a clear understanding of what they are doing. If you have SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) in place then everyone on the team understands how things should go and you can have someone overseeing the operation. This lets you step back and focus attention in other places. 

#4: Creating SOPs saves time and headache

We touched on SOPs but we want to go more into what they really do. Once you have your team in place, your processes are the steps they need to follow to do their assigned tasks. From putting copy together to building a full website to creating Ads, there are certain that you personally take. These have been honed in from trial and error. To keep that department running smoothly, they need to take the same steps. That way should you have a change in personnel, the work won’t change. Those steps are your Standard Operating Procedure. If you are doing them correctly, you will have a HUGE database of hundreds of SOPs. And that’s okay because then everyone is on the same page and you know the work will be done correctly without you having to watch. See? Fewer headaches.  


#5: Working 9-5 doesn’t bring freedom

You started your business for a reason, whether it was you hated your job or you wanted the freedom to work for yourself. Maybe you wanted to travel but didn’t know how to keep the money coming in. A digital marketing agency is a great way to do that but it will only work if you have the right processes in place. You need your team doing the work you are doing now. You will need a team to set appointments for new clients and a team that closes those clients for you. Then you need other teams to fulfill the work and keep it all on track. By having the right processes and team in place…now that brings the freedom you were looking for. Because your greatest asset is your employees. 



Most businesses learn and grow by trial and error. Once you get the path set that works for you, document it. That creates the SOP so you know what works and someone else can do that same procedure for you. Your focus should be on evolving your business. Let your team follow your processes and help you grow. Otherwise, you will be working 24/7 and that’s not the freedom you were looking for. 


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