What the Heck Are Local Service Ads?

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local service ads

There has been a lot of discussion lately about what local service ads are. It seems to be a common topic in the digital world, but I bet a lot of people scratch their heads when they read the term.

However, most people have heard of PPC advertising or Pay-Per-Click. This popular ad campaign where a company pays for every visit received on their website. Well, Local Service Ads are a different form of advertising.

Local service ads are Pay-Per-Leads types of advertising. This means that you only pay when you get a customer on the phone and discuss business with them for at least two minutes. It’s a more cost-efficient form of advertising, compared to PPC, and has plenty more benefits.

What Are Local Service Ads?

Local Service Ads are a pay per lead form of advertising. This is different from pay per click advertising. With Local Service Ads, you’re only paying when you get a lead. This is a great form of advertising with a greater chance of closing.

Pay per click can be extremely beneficial, but a lot of the clicks don’t turn into leads. Many people stumble onto a website only to exit it a few seconds later. With Local Service Ads, you already have a guaranteed lead before you begin paying for the advertising.

You can find these types of ads on search engine pages on any device that you might be using. Tablet, PC, mobile, and even voice search. You can bid on the placement of these ads, the same as pay per click, and your chances at appearing on the top of the page are much stronger if you’re a trusted source that operates in the vicinity of the customer.

Google ranks through positive reviews and a Google guarantee. So if you’re business has a ton of good reviews from locals, your ad placement will be much better then if you had a flood of negative reviews.

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Local Service Ads?

Local Service Ads have many different benefits. The amount spent on the ad campaign is noticeably smaller. On average, per month you’re saving around $10,000. That’s quite the difference, especially if you’re a smaller business with less of a budget to work with.

Another benefit, as mentioned before, is that you only pay when you get a lead that speaks on the phone with you for at least two minutes. Again, for smaller businesses without a large budget, you can be sure that you’re only paying for leads that have already spoken with you.

Of course, the customer experience you’re giving is a huge factor. These types of ads aren’t bringing people to a landing page where they can give their email and receive some emails. This form of marketing is targeted towards businesses that want to discuss solutions for you, either on the phone or in person.

Is There Anything Else You Should Know?

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Depending on the industry that you operate in, you may be subject to a background check in order to prove the validity of your company.

You also need to remember that the closer you are to the potential customer is going to help your chances greatly. These are Local Service Ads after all, so being local is a huge thing to remember before starting this campaign.

Google also checks your responsiveness to reviews. It’s one thing to have a ton of reviews on your page, but they also want to see engagement. So make sure that anytime someone comments on any of your pages, you respond as quickly as possible. This will help your rank.

The process can also take a little while. Sometimes it might take over a month to get everything set-up properly. Keep in that mind before you start. Your ad likely isn’t going to be up the following day.

Local Service Ads are a great way to show potential customers how much you care about their business. It’s a great way to meet new people, and also save some money at the same time.

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