The True Cost of Bad Grammar

A big part of my job is making sure everything is perfect for my Whitelabel clients. As I am making sure all my “I’s” are dotted and all my “T’s” are crossed, it occurs to me that I should be making sure all those I’s and T’s are in the right place to begin with! Grammar can be your biggest enemy in business if you don’t employ it properly or don’t give it the time of day. Not paying attention to proper grammar can hurt not only your business but your client’s business as well. 

         At my core, I am a salesman. It’s my job to make you want to use our services, and part of the reason I am so good at my job is that I pride myself in making sure that 99% of all the copy that comes through my door is grammatically correct. Why only 99%? Well, I am human and we allow for human error. This is also why copy materials go through more than just me. I have at least 2 sets of eyes look over everything before we go to production. You may be saying to yourself “Who cares about grammar?” Well, market research suggests that quite a lot of people care as a matter of fact, but we’ll dig into that later.


Can Poor Grammar Really Lose Money For Me and My Clients?


         For reasons I cannot begin to fathom, proofreading and grammatical correctness seem to have fallen to the wayside in our digital age. However, don’t bend to popular opinion – proper spelling and grammar should be a crucial element in your client’s marketing strategy! Think of it this way, would you eat at a restaurant that served ‘fresh beaf stakes’? Most people would say “No way!” You wouldn’t trust that establishment to adhere to proper food preparation procedures since they can’t get the spelling of the product right. The same goes for any business. If you aren’t taking the time to proofread your copy materials, where else are you cutting corners?

         When you decide to partner with a white label digital marketing agency, you are paying for so much more than a new website or SEO campaign for your clients. Web design requires a keen eye for visually alluring design and is often partnered with copywriting services. SEO campaigns should utilize keyword optimization, paid ads/PPC marketing, professional copywriting services, and so much more. All these services should be proofread for spelling and grammar before being marketed to you and your clients. A small mistake here can have drastic repercussions for your client’s business.

         For some real-world examples of major grammar and spelling blunders, check out this article: 11 Spelling and Grammar Fails by Brands


Top 4 Reasons to Utilize Proofreading and Proper Grammar



Professionalism – The easiest way to have your clients look like an amateur is poor grammar and spelling. If you take the time to proofread, you are sending a subliminal message to their clients that you value a job well done, and will bring the same level of effort and professionalism to their project.

Credibility – Everyone is a skeptic. Don’t let your business or your client’s fall from favor. Maintain your credibility by ensuring their website/blog/printed materials are not flooded with poor spelling and bad grammar.

Finances – Aside from being off-putting to potential clients, grammar and spelling mistakes can cost money in overtime, reprinting physical goods, legal fees for improperly worded contracts, etc…. Save your wallet and proofread your copy.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization may be your online marketing bread and butter, but you can’t make it work for your clients if their name, meta descriptions, and alt-tags are misspelled.


Not a wordsmith? Spelling and grammar not your strong suit?


         Whether you need full copywriting services or just a second set of eyes – Beard Marketing Solutions is here to help. Contact us today to find out how we can help you make your clients look better online and bring more customers to their table.

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