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Explainer videos are a great way to increase traffic to your marketing agency’s website. You can improve your SEO by creating videos dedicated to explaining your agency and what it is offering to visitors. By placing these videos efficiently, you can gain significantly more visitors to your website.

Search Engine Rankings

Google preferences rank websites according to the interest level of its users. A search engine like Google wants its users to be satisfied with the content that pops up during searches. So, the more time spent on a website, the more likely the website will have a favorable ranking. Explainer videos help keep users on websites because of curiosity. The more intriguing the video, the more time a user will stay on the website. Increased website exposure not only allows users to have a longer timeframe to familiarize users with what you do, but it alerts Google that the website is worthy of being ranked higher. By simply adding explainer videos, you are increasing your agency’s reach. Your agency can also gain exposure through YouTube, which is the second-largest search engine in the world. The explainer videos you place on YouTube can be a vehicle for users to make their way over to your website once the videos have piqued their interest.

Quality Backlinks

Depending on who sees your explainer videos, your website could be linked to highly ranked websites. Make sure your videos offer ample information, facts, and statistics if relevant. Make a great impression on visitors to your agency website, and there is a good chance they will relay your message.

Transcribing Explainer Videos

Make the effort to transcribe your explainer videos. This not only allows your viewers to follow along, it allows the content to be relayed to the viewer even if the video is muted. Search bots will also be able to rank the video for multiple keywords by scanning the text.

Retaining Website Visitors

Make shorter explainer videos, usually about two minutes. This will encourage viewers to finish the videos. Although the videos are shorter, they help retain the attention of viewers.

Social Media Reach

There is a large social media presence online. If you have your clever explainer videos shared throughout different social media platforms, you will gain a large amount of exposure. It is possible Google considers the performance of websites in social media to rank them.

More Clicks

Describe your agency’s videos succinctly and add attention-getting thumbnails to entice viewers to click on your link. Higher click-through rates increase the chance of your website being ranked higher.

Increased Viewer Engagement

Text and images are extremely less likely than videos to be shared on social media platforms. Videos create far more online engagement. Repeated sharing encourages talk of your product and helps increase sales.

Loud and Clear Helps Push Your Brand

Voice search is often used, especially when using a hands-free device. Make sure your explainer video is clearly heard so voice search can adequately rank your website.

Value to Your Blog

Add value to your blog by embedding an explainer video into your blog. Media files added to your text will encourage visitors to stay on your blog longer.

Influencers are Watching

Content influencers are a big deal these days, and it would be a mistake not to push your content toward them. Be respectful and not too aggressive. Simply show them what kind of content you are offering by sending your explainer video. You will enhance your reach and add backlinks.

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