White Label Paid Ads Management

Your clients need a PPC and Facebook ad strategy. It’s the fastest and easiest way for them to realize results from their SEO strategy while building their organic reach. You know this but don’t have the expertise, bandwidth, or time to help them implement such a strategy. Our white label paid ads service allow you to offer this highly-sought-after service to your clients under your brand with no extra work on your part.


How Can Paid Ads Help your clients?

Everyone talks about the importance of building an organic SEO strategy. And it’s true. Organic search is important but it is also slow to show real results. If you want your clients to get results faster, it’s best to pair your organic SEO efforts with a paid search strategy.

Paid search, or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, is a fast, easy way for your clients to increase the number of qualified leads their website attracts and improve brand recognition in an incredibly affordable way.

Paid search results in more qualified leads. You are in complete control of what search terms result in potential leads to seeing your client’s ad. That means, if they’re a plumber in Atlanta, Georgia, their ad won’t show up for the search “plumber in Georgia” from a search initiating in the country Georgia. Better leads seeing the ad means better leads coming to your client’s site. Better leads coming to your client’s site means more jobs and revenue for your client.

Paid search increases brand recognition. While consumers searching for your chosen keywords may not click on your client’s site the first time they see it, they will continue to see it every time they conduct that search throughout your campaign. This increases the touchpoints your client has with those customers, raising brand awareness and the possibility of a future sale.


Expertly Run Ad Campaigns

Running a paid search campaign can be a DIY project but to get the best results you need it run right. A team with experience and expert knowledge will make sure your paid ads give you and your clients the most bang for your buck. If you are a newbie to PPC and Facebook Ads you may be:

  • Going after low-ranking keywords that won’t get the results you want.
  • Not conducting A/B testing to ensure you’re using the most effective ad.
  • Not choosing the right time to have your ads active.
  • Putting your money into the wrong ads.
  • Continuing to run ads that aren’t working.
  • Making many other mistakes you’re not even aware of.

When you work with Beard Marketing Solutions as your white-label paid ads solution, you and your clients will work through our process that’s guaranteed to produce results.

  • Keyword Research: We do in-depth keyword research to ensure you are using only the right keywords that rank well for your goals.
  • Build Campaign: Using the results from the keyword research, we build out your paid ad campaign including PPC & Facebook Ads strategies.
  • Launch Campaign: When our awesome campaign is finished being built and ad copy is approved, it's launched!
  • Traffic & Click Tracking: We carefully monitor your campaign to see how much traffic and how many clicks happen.

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We can help with all of your white label paid ads needs.

Facebook ads

Facebook Ads are one of the top-performing ads platforms today. As most people are on Facebook, your clients’ ads are guaranteed to reach a large portion of their target audience. That means their ads need to be crisp, fresh, and relevant. We take the guesswork and tedium out of creating and running Facebook Ads by doing it for you. We craft high-quality ads and make sure they are targeted to reach the right people.

Google PPC

With Pay-Per-Click ads, your clients only pay when their ads are clicked on. In order to receive a high return on their investment, it’s essential that the clicks end up converting. With carefully crafted and intentionally targeted PPC ads, you will have the peace of mind knowing that your clients’ ads are reaching the people most likely to become their customers. Our professional team knows how to optimize ads, design relevant content, and trim a mean beard, ensuring your clients receive a high ROI.

Linkedin ads

Linkedin Ads are one of the up-and-coming digital marketing musts. It’s becoming a matter of, if you’re not on Linkedin, you’re not on. At Beard Marketing, we have the knowledge and experience to design Linkedin Ads that will help your clients stand out from the crowd and grow their business.

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