How to Work Effectively with a White Label Partner

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To hand over projects or tasks to someone else may be intimidating and even overwhelming. Of course, this is only because you want to guarantee the best possible work for your clients.

This is a great quality to have as it demonstrates your dedication to delivering true quality when it comes to your work. It is also a clear representation of how you care for both your clients andyour business as a whole.

Do you want to take your digital agency up a notch? Well, working with a white label partner gives you an opportunity to do just that. They help by assisting with projects that you have at the moment and the ones that will arise in the future.

When using white label services, it allows you to scale your business and take on more clients. At the same time it will ensure that you can have work completed efficiently.

One of the greatest advantages that you could have by outsourcing your work will be more free time for you. This is time that could be spent on another part of your business, which enhances the flow of productivity.

The use of white labeling is an amazing option, especially when looking towards working on larger projects. Tasks like this should be done proficiently by someone who you can trust. This is completed by a person who has an excessive amount of experience and skills with projects just
like yours. In the end, you will be confident that your work is in good hands.

Now how can you get the most from a white label partnership?

The answer is simple: exactly like when you’re working with your personal clients, building a good relationship with your white label partner is very important. Once a great relationship is established, your tasks and projects should operate very smoothly.

It is also very important for you to take time, ensuring that you are making the right decisions for your agency. The addition of a white label partner acts like an extension of your business, always generating amazing work for your clients. Developing the trust that they will complete and deliver your projects is key.

This guide will give an overview of the five areas which build a great relationship between you and your white label partner. There are also tips included that can help in planning how to outsource your work.

1: Starting Small
With any new work relationship, it is always ideal to find someone who is a great fit, especially when it comes to your business. This is an important aspect when choosing your white label partner.

Starting off by working on a large project with your partner, would be a big mistake. It is better to start small and understand the way both parties work. This will help to build trust and conclude if you are a good match when working with one another

For optimal results, starting on a smaller project and dedicating a small amounts of time is the way to go. A couple hours to a day would be a good completion time frame, especially to understand how your new partner works.

Doing a small project like this gives you the opportunity to see how your white label partner completes their work and the quality that they can offer you. Looking at the results from a small project can determine whether you are happy with the work that was delivered, and if it meets the criteria that was asked for in the project brief.

Communication is key. From the beginning, when you agree on the project, to working throughout the project and in the end when receiving the completed work, communicating well with your partner is one of the most important factors. Effectively communicating with your partner allows you to easily manage your project and also better communicate with your client.
Let’s say you’re starting with a new partner, and you do not have any current small projects to complete. This is where a test project could be created instead. This gives you the freedom to set up the boundaries to your liking. Here are some recommendations of how you could set this up and carry it out.

When creating a test project, making the tasks from 2-4 hours would be a good fit. This is a good chunk of time so it gives the partner enough time to demonstrate their capabilities when working on a project. There is also less to worry about because it is not a client project that needs to be professionally completed.

This test project should have a brief which thoroughly explains to your partner exactly what you are looking for. As a clever addition, adding in a step that is incorrect can play the role as a decoy.

Adding this decoy is a simple mistake that is made on purpose to see if the expert can catch on and resolve the issue. This wouldn’t hold back the partner from completing the work, but instead offer them a little challenge that only a professional would be able to notice. The best outcome of adding this decoy, is having your white label partner reach out to you and
try to resolve the error while also offering a solution. Then after working through this issue, they should deliver the final project test with the error corrected. If this person doesn’t spot any errors, this is a red flag that may help you to determine that this partner may not be the best fit
for you.

No matter what the outcome is of the test project, they should always be paid. This demonstrates a form of respect for your white label partner and the time that they dedicated to take this test. Keeping this time frame small should not cost much when it comes to paying them. It is also a
very small price that is being paid on your route to finding the best white label partner.

TIP: When you come across a white label partner that you want to work with, offer them a small project to start with. If there are no small projects on hand, create a test project. A possibility would be adding a small error in the project brief to test the expertise of the partner.

2: Trust
As it was mentioned before, trust is a major building block between you and your white label partner.

It’s possible that you may have known this partner through an online community, and have spoken for hours. Although this may be the case, until they have worked on and completed the first project with you, you will not be able to trust that the work will be completed.

Just as you build trust with your clients, building trust with your white label partner is an important step in this whole process. People are more likely to buy from others who they like, know very well, and trust.

Once there is a good level of trust established between you and your partner, projects can be easily assigned with less preparation beforehand. There will still be a project brief, but building that work relationship and trust keeps the workflow going and becomes more natural over time.

Once your projects are efficiently running, there will be less time being spent on managing projects. This is a big advantage to have for both you and your business. This opens up more time for you to dedicate elsewhere.

Having assistance with your projects, and more free time for you to focus your attention elsewhere, becomes a very powerful tool when operating a business. Any tasks that you have been put off can now be completed with your new time availability.

Another advantage when establishing trust with your white label partner is that they can begin working on bigger projects. The only limitations are the size of the projects that you agree on and if there is trust, so that both sides can deliver in the end.

Trust is a two-way road. The same way that you have to trust your white label partner, your partner will have to have the same amount of confidence in both you and your business.

Your partner would want to know that you’re taking your projects equally as seriously as they are. They want to make sure that you can also communicate efficiently and that you will also complete the project punctually.

Creating briefs that are understandable, clearly list out the goals that were communicated and establishing a good timeframe will be beneficial to you and your white label partner when working together

TIP: Having a clear brief that is easy to understand for your white label partner is important. Create timelines and make sure to communicate effectively throughout the entire project process. Try to keep up with deadlines as they can delay both the white label partner, and your project

3: Communication
Good communication begins from the first time you speak between you and your white label partner. Whether it be messages or calls, any form of communication that you shared demonstrates the type of quality that you will deliver throughout the project process when working with them.

Once there is a good establishment of trust, and both of you begin working together, communication needs to be consistent and done in a timely manner. With your existing client projects, a common issue may be communication and is also possible with white label projects as
well. Having untimely communication causes a hiccup in this process and if it can be avoided, it would be ideal.

Unnecessary delays can be caused when your white label partner is waiting for information that is important to assist them in their project. In the end, this can greatly impact them as well, as they might have a busy timeline. This could result in putting your project on hold.

Your white label partner will need to communicate with you so that you can always be up-to-date as to where they are in the project process. Being able to discuss progress with your client allows for them to approve the project at various points so adjustments could also be made. Receiving project feedback is also an important factor. Speaking with your white label partner on a regular basis helps to approve their work during various points during the process. Before approving it, letting them know if any changes are necessary in a clear style is crucial when it comes to feedback.

With feedback, it’s best to take out any personal feelings and just focus on what your clients business needs specifically for their project. Working with your clients directly helps you to better understand exactly what they’re looking for.

Feedback should be given in a constructive style which is intended to make changes that will be effective. The changes that will be made are to ensure that your client will be happy in the end. An effective way to do this is by referring to the project brief with the initial project goals
attached to the feedback.

With every project, having a named contact in your office whom your white label partner can contact would be ideal. This could be any member of your team or you yourself. Also, your white label partner should have a named point of contact.

Having this fixed point of contact helps to ensure that there is clarity while doing the work. This helps to reiterate the agreement, having clear communication while updating the status, making
change requests and more.

Lastly, having good communication on your projects helps to continue growing the trust and relationship you have with your white label partner

TIP: It’s best to have a clear point of contact available from your business. This is the only person who should send requests along with feedback to your white label partner. This could be any member of your team or you yourself.

4: Time
When it comes to any project, time is a very important factor that comes into play. It helps to define a good time frame of when the project will be worked on and when it will be completed.

Each project should have a defined length. This is very similar to the style in which you work with your existing clients. With the longer projects, there may be different points where the work will be checked in on.

To make sure that your project is delivered to your client successfully, you and your white label partner will work together to make sure that the timelines are all met. Your time is very important as well.

As a freelancer or an agency owner, it’s possible that you’ve had some internal projects that you’ve been needing to complete, while being occupied by client projects. The income from client projects are definitely higher in comparison to the internal projects.

If you had more time available today, what would you focus on completing for your business? Would you take on all the internal tasks that you’ve been putting off? Would you take up more sales conversations with new prospects?

Outsourcing your projects to a white label partner gives you more time in your business. This can be greatly beneficial to you; not only in your business life but also in your private life.

By outsourcing your work to a white label partner, this frees up time, not only for more business opportunities, but to also be used for your own personal liking. Your extra time could be spent with your loved ones or even with yourself to relax and take time away from the desk.

Your white label partners are business and agency owners just like you. They have a good understanding of the stress that is linked to a business and how important time is.

When working with a white label partner, starting off small is a great idea to save you time as well. This time could be spent wherever you please. As mentioned above, it can go towards anything from professional development to sales and even your own personal life

By working on larger projects together, you are allowing for more free time to be at hand, which can be used to grow and scale your business. Your white label partner is the key to help you achieve this.

No matter where you are in your business, having extra time on hand will always be a great advantage.

TIP: Create a list of things that you would like to have completed in your business as well as in your personal life that are currently not achievable because of time constraints. Is there a specific one that you would love to dedicate your time to? Prioritize these as your goals when you begin
working with your new white label partner.

5: Scale and Growth
Just like most business owners, you are interested in growing your revenue as well as your business.
In order to achieve this, it’s necessary to be able to scale your services and to grow.

Currently, the growth of your business is being limited by the number of hours that is available for you and your team. To take on new projects, more time needs to be available in your schedule or else it will not be done effectively.

With a service-based business, adding employees is the option to help scaling. Any new employees that are added will need benefits, a salary and if they will be working in office, you will have to consider equipment costs.

Of course it is not a cheap option for you to scale in this way. Before hiring any new employees, making sure that they have enough work for them to do is also important. This is a difficult task on its own.

An easier option to scale would be having a white label partner to outsource your projects to. By Doing this, you are paying them on a per-project basis. This removes the need for an ongoing salary.

Indeed, you will be making a little less than if it were to be completed in office, but profits will be generated just by managing the project instead of having to take it on all yourself. As a result, the more projects that you send your white label partner will give you more of an opportunity for
your business to scale and grow

Considering your white label partner as your business grows is also a key point in the relationship. You have to ensure that they will be able to handle the growth. They will need to achieve more than just one project a month in order to demonstrate handling growth.

It is possible to hire multiple white label partners, but when adding a new partner, you want to make sure that they can realistically handle multiple projects from your business.

The best white label partner for you is one who understands your plans when it comes to growth and scaling and will aid in achieving those goals with their quality work.

TIP: Establishing a clear plan of growth for your business as well as a goal that you want to set out and achieve. Choosing the right white label partner will help you to achieve these goals.

Taking Your Business to the Next Level
There are a great amount of benefits that come with working with a white label partner. Not only can it help you when it comes to balancing time and completely new projects, but they can also help you to grow and scale your business. A white label partner will make sure to ask questions and clarify what you want throughout the process in order to deliver amazing results for you and your clients.

They help do the work for your business as a “faceless” approach which means that you receive the credit for the work that is completed.

The best way to begin is by starting with a small project or one that is a test to build a relationship with your white label partner. This will help to establish how well you will be working with one another and to build trust, ensuring that you are a good fit.

Having trust is crucial. You’re relying on this partner to clearly understand the brief that you gave them and to deliver a project in the way you expected. There cannot be any failure of work completed or lack of communication throughout any of this process.

Giving regular feedback helps to keep your partner on track. It is also recommended to keep a single point of contact, who will give any feedback or messages along with the request to your white label partner. This is someone who will give similar feedback to what you would give to
the white label partner yourself.

The biggest advantage of adding a white label partner to your business is allowing you to have more free time. This can range from hours to days or weeks. This time can be dedicated to working on your business or use for your own personal liking.

If you’re ready to grow and scale your service-based business, consider these two options. Taking on the costly process of a new employee along with the paperwork and equipment costs. Or working with a white label partner who will deliver assigned projects for you, allowing you to increase the price for your clients.

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