Here are seven reasons that Start-Ups and Small businesses need to get into SEO quickly

06/18/2021 |


1.  Directory Listings:   

A legitimate and productive way to get quality relevant backlinks for Small Businesses and Start-Ups.  Getting one’s business listed on Google, for instance, is vital, and if done incorrectly can create delays, and confusion.    Directory Listings should NOT be taken trivially, or delegated to Interns or amateurs.   This also starts us on the path to conversion techniques, driving hits, and marketing our keywords.

2.  Time is Valuable: 

When is the best time to get started?  As soon as an address is achieved.  If you work from home, and just started a small Etsy, or Shopping Cart, you should have an address.  If this idea is only conceptualized?  Then start NOW.  Hire the marketing team FIRST, not as an afterthought.  Put them on the Directory Listings and getting the site visible BEFORE you launch.  Someone is mailing you checks and bills, use that address.   Some listings may take an hour to submit and weeks to show up on the Internet.

3.  Losing Business By Default: 

When we ignore or abandon an Internet Channel or Strategy, we are losing business by default to the Start-Up or Small Business competitor who takes the time and spends the money to do it correctly.   If we bootstrap our Initial Marketing and adopt a “free” model, we’ll get what we pay for, which is zero.   If our business is to have any chance at all, we need to start immediately, if we don’t intend on becoming a statistic.

4.  We Need Layperson Search Terms:  

Too often Start-Ups or small businesses don’t even know what search terms work best or use Google AdWords results which are skewed.  We need to access other Keyword Tools and know our market.  What ROI can we expect from a Keyword Term that only gets 4 hits per month?  And yet business owners assume too much, that their keyword thinking is popular ~ instead, product description may have to be repackaged to suit a broader market.

5.  Be Your Top Salesperson:  

If we are not in charge of our marketing, conversions, and Calls To Action, then how can we expect Interns, partners, and family members to execute our script?  Converting the end-user from the Internet “interested” to human “connected” only comes from learning how to market, how to convert, and interjecting ourselves into the Sales Cycle.   Develop patterns for getting your phone to ring, so you are getting valuable feedback, and objections from consumers.  Turn Obstacles into Opportunities and Problems into Profits.

6.  Never Assume Web Designers Know SEO:  

In order to shield the Client from outside solicitors, Web Firms present themselves as SEO experts, which is a sure-fire sign they are not experts at all, but more than likely, they are paranoid.  These same Web Designers charge large sums to build your site, and it could probably have been done on WordPress for $100 and you didn’t even need a $3,000 site. Not all  Internet Marketers are NOT Web Designers, and only reluctantly will build you a quick site ~   And your Web geek is no salesperson.

7.  SEO is your friend:  

Knowing keywords, marketing strategies, how to convert, using emotional triggers, budgeting for monthly marketing expenses is much easier than failure.    

We can go kicking and struggling into the Sales Role, or we can walk through the fire and come out the other end stronger and better than the competitor.  The choice is ours.  When we make getting comfortable with SEO our top priority, our chances of success improve greatly.

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