White Label Google PPC Ads

Does your business currently offer Google PPC Ad services to your clients, but you’re lacking in time and staff to dedicate to this task? If so, you’re in a great place to take advantage of our dependable white label Google PPC Ads.

On the other hand, by enlisting our white label PPC ad services, you’re ensuring that your clients’ Google Ads are in the capable hands of our expert, certified team. We take care of all PPC ad management, so you can effectively scale your business without having to take on new hires or work with less-than-reliable contractors. Our services also allow you to save the money you would otherwise need to spend on bidding and reporting tools and allow you to scale your operation without sacrificing the quality of your services.

How Can Google PPC Help Businesses ?

Any business hoping to make its mark on industry needs a strong digital marketing approach to set itself apart from the sea of competition. With so much content competing for attention on the search engine, Google Ads has quickly become a staple to any successful digital marketing strategy. A successful Google PPC campaign can make all the difference in generating traffic and sales for your clients.

To guarantee success in your client’s Google PPC Ads, we perform in-depth keyword research and analysis, which is crucial for targeting the right audience and minimizes the cost of the PPC campaign. We also place great focus on the intent behind search terms and keywords to determine the best approach for engaging with that viewer and guiding them further along the conversion funnel.

Our Google Ad campaigns identify a unique niche and approach for your individual clients to let them compete with larger, more established brands. Doing so allows your clients to drive the necessary website traffic and sales they need to grow their bottom line. Our cost-effective approach delivers maximum ROI for minimal investment.


Partner With Our White Label Google PPC Ads Team

At Beard Marketing, we live and breathe paid search campaigns and conversion optimization. Our dedicated services will not only increase your margins but also save you thousands of dollars you would otherwise spend on hiring an in-house team. Even if you currently have full-time marketing staff working for you, our white label services are always here to shoulder extra workload in case of a sudden increase or overflow.

Outsourcing your Google PPC services to Beard Marketing means you’re gaining a valuable, experienced partner that’s ready to handle every aspect of your clients’ PPC management. Our expert team members are certified professionals that bring years of experience to your operation at a fraction of the cost of full-time hires. Let us handle everything from account creation, and set-up, to copywriting and analytics, with the peace of mind that your clients remain in trusted hands.


Partner with Beard Marketing & start selling white label services.

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White Label Google PPC Ads Management

At Beard Marketing, we take great pride in offering comprehensive and effective management over every aspect of your clients’ Google PPC Ads. We work closely with you to determine both your and your clients’ needs, and place great importance on quality communication and transparency.

  • Keyword research
  • Negative keyword analysis
  • Comprehensive Google Ad creation
  • Google Ad campaign development
  • Location-targeted Google Ads
  • Landing page development
  • Copywriting and creative testing
  • Google Ads performance analysis
  • Campaign optimization and A/B testing
  • Ongoing Google Ad campaign management

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