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How to add on a USER or MANAGER to your Google Ads Account

When you’re working on creating ads, you may have a reason to share your work with another party. You might be working with someone in the creation process, you might simply be looking for advice on your ad, you might need help managing your account, or you might be trying to help someone out with their ad or account. Whatever your reason is, when it comes time to add a user or manager to your Google Ads account, you’ll need to know exactly what to do. If someone is unable to gain access to your account, they will be denied by Google when they attempt to log on. To ensure that anyone involved in the creation of an ad can access the right account, they will need to go through the steps to be granted entry. There are, in fact, two ways that someone can gain access to someone else’s account. You can either request access to someone else’s Google Ads account or request for someone to join you as a manager in your account. Either way, you will need to know what to do in order to add or be added as a user or manager in Google Ads.

How to grant someone access to your Google Ads account

Anytime you want someone to have access to your Google Ads account, you’ll need to grant them permission. This is good news. It prevents random people from accessing your Google Ads account. However, it can make it confusing when it comes to having others help you out with account management or ad creation. Google provides account owners with two ways to add users or managers to their account; adding them as a user or approving their request to be added as a user.

  • Adding someone as a user 

It’s pretty simple to add someone as a user on Google Ads. Merely log in to your account, click on “tools” at the top, press “set up,” and finally “account access.” Once you’ve clicked “account access,” you are taken to the user management page. On this page you will be able to see everyone with access to your Google Ads account. In order to add someone new, press on the blue plus. From there, you will be able to choose the exact permission you want to grant. Options include email only, read only, standard, or admin, and each one comes with its own capabilities. By granting standard status, the user will be able to read, edit, and manage your campaigns. Typically this is sufficient for anyone that you want to work with and have help you. If you grant the admin status, the user will have the same level of permission as you do, which includes the ability to actually remove your access from the account. While it’s unlikely that would happen, it’s probably best to refrain from granting admin access unless your circumstances call for it. After you grant the permission, Google will send them an email informing them that they have been granted access to your account. All they have to do is accept the invitation, and they’re in!


  • Approving someone’s request to be added as a user

When you provide someone with your Google Ads account number, they can request permission to be added to your account as a user. When they request permission, Google will email you letting you know. If you want to add them as a user, you just need to press on the “Accept Request” link and then you will be taken to the “Managers” tab on your Google Ads account. Once you click “Accept,” they will be granted access to your account and will be informed by Google. If you don’t receive the email informing you of the access permission, you simply need to go to your “account access” page on your account, click “Users,” then “Managers,” and you will see any pending requests. You will then be able to approve or decline them.

How to ask for access to someone else’s Google Ads account 

Occasionally, you may have a need for accessing someone else’s Google Ads account. In those instances, you’ll need to ensure that you have a Google Ads manager account. From there, you will log in to your account, click on the “Accounts” tab, and then click on the blue plus. You can choose to link to someone else’s account by choosing “link existing account.” You will then be able to type or paste the Google Ads account number of the account you are asking permission for. After entering the number, you choose “send request,” and Google should email your request to the owner of the account. If the owner wants to grant you permission, they will press “Accept request,” and you will receive an email informing you that you now have permission to access the account. In order to go to the account, click on “Review account.” Whether you are asking for access to a Google Ads account or granting access, it’s a fairly simple process. As long as both parties are aware and ready, the entire process could take just a matter of minutes.

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