Diving into Local SEO Blog Series #1 – WHAT IS LOCAL SEO?

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SEO is always important for getting the best results for your search query. You want your business to show up on the first page of Google in order for it to receive any amount of traffic. While you want to rank high worldwide, you can’t forget about the importance of Local SEO. This is for users in your area who are looking for a solution to their problem. Best local restaurants, car dealerships, malls, or any other business they might be interested in.

What Is Local SEO And Why Is It Important?

Local SEO is how it sounds. If you have a shop or some kind of local business you want people from the same area to be able to find out about the services that you offer. By using different techniques you can market your business to locals so that as soon as they search for something that matches your niche, you’ll show up at the top of the search engine.

Almost half of all Google searches are of a local nature. People looking for the best restaurants in the city, or best bars. This is why it’s crucial for your business to have a high rank in your area. People are searching for what it is that you have to offer and without visibility in your area, they will turn to a busines that has it.

The size of your area is going to play a major factor in your competition of course. Get yourself placed above the competition by using proper Local SEO techniques. It might be the difference maker when it comes to the success of your business.

There’s More To Local SEO Than Just A High Rank On Search Engines

There are plenty of online methods that can help your Local SEO, but there are other ways to increase your local visibility as well. Word of mouth is still the most effective form of advertising, and this can have a huge advantage, especially on the local level. Telling people about the services that you offer, handing out business cards, and running different ad campaigns around your area are all apart of Local SEO.

By doing the groundwork, the results will appear online and this will still help boost your rank. If you have a strong website and social media presence, the work that you do offline will show up in the form of visits to your website and likes on your social media pages. Any form of engagement on your pages will have an effect on your rank. SEO is all about engagement, and trust. If people are viewing your site, liking your pages, and commenting, Google and other search engines will see that as a strong reason to boost your rank. While you’re trying to expand your business, don’t forget about the potential customers right next door. Local SEO is important for everyone who is looking to gain a wider audience in their own area.

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