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PPC ads can be a great way to make a profit. It can also be a waste of money if it’s not done properly.

There aren’t many characters at your disposal, and while some may think that would make the copywriting easier, it can sometimes make it harder. There isn’t any room for error. One small mistake could take a potential client somewhere else.

It’s hard to define exactly what it is that makes great PPC copywriting. There isn’t one formula that works for everyone. Much like all forms of copywriting, there are certain guidelines that you need to follow in order to increase your chances and receive a higher ROI.

Here are some ways to create great copy for your ads, and turn leads into sales.

The Ad Isn’t About You, It’s About THEM

While you’re the expert in your field, the ad shouldn’t be about your expertise. People aren’t looking for you to tell them about your business. They have a problem, and they’re looking for answers.

Offer a solution to a potential problem in your ad. The best way to do this is to put yourself in the potential customer’s shoes. Picture yourself looking for a company that could help you with a problem you had.

Now, this company only has a few words to convey how they can help you. What would make you click on this? That’s how your ad should look.

The Ad Shouldn’t Be Too Broad, Throw Some Specifics In It

You need to create a tight theme within your Google Ad. It doesn’t have to be too specific but it should speak to a certain demographic. If the ad is concerning women’s sports shoes, then the ad should represent all of these keywords.

It shouldn’t say “Come get shoes for a good price” that’s too broad and doesn’t speak to the audience that the ad is targeted towards. If there’s a specific product and demographic that you’re trying to attract, you need to make sure that the ad contains the proper keywords.

This way your ad will show up when the potential consumer types in these keywords. Remember, too specific is no good, neither is too broad. It’s all about finding that perfect medium. That’s what makes the most compelling ad.

Your ad should speak to the emotional side of a potential buyer. If people see a boring ad with no meaning, they aren’t likely to click on it. Make sure you use “you”, and “your”. Personalize the message like you’re speaking directly to the consumer.

The Worst Thing A Google Ad Can Be Is Boring

With a boring automated ad, that sounds like nothing more than spam, you aren’t going to receive any clicks. Your PPC ad should entice the reader, and draw them in. Once they click, your product will do the rest of the talking.

Leverage your reader’s FOMO (fear of missing out) people are drawn toward alleviating their fears and anxieties. So the ad should target all of those things, and follow with a direct solution. This is what people want to see. This is what will get you clicks.

Make Use Of Specific Numbers In Your Ad To Draw Readers

Be specific about what it is that your company offers. If you offer certain discounts on different items put the exact discount. “10% of all Nike shoes” or “We offer a great selection of Nike shoes for under $100”.

People want to know what specifically you have to offer. “Cheap prices” or “Great sales” these types of ads are too broad and don’t showcase exactly what it is that you have to offer.

Numbers are very important to the success of your PPC ad. They can make an ad seem less spammy and entice potential customers to click it and see what more you have to offer.

Use The Headline Of Your Google Ad To Ask A Question

You have a 30 character headline at your disposal. Take the 30 characters to ask a simple question about a problem the user may be experiencing. “Do you suffer from depression?” or “Are you in need of a divorce attorney?”

These types of questions address a specific issue that the user may be facing and offers a solution by clicking.

30 characters isn’t a whole lot, so sometimes instead of trying to get really creative, just ask a simple question. The answer will be presented when the user clicks on the ad.

Use All Of The Space That You’re Given To Best Optimize Your Ad

A 30 character headline and an 80 character description are all that you get. This might seem fairly simple to fill up, a lot of companies don’t use this to their advantage. Make sure you pack everything you can into your ad.

Your company has a lot of great values, probably enough to fill pages worth of information. Take all of the key points about your company, write them down, and figure out a way to construct the most informative ad you can within the limited characters.

Showcase What’s Unique About You And What Makes You Stand Out

Is there something that your company has done that other rival companies might not have? Have you won any awards or participated in any events?

Try and show what’s different about you and your company. What separated you from the pack, and why people should be visiting your site vs another similar site. If you’ve won any prestigious awards, now is your time to show it.

Stand out, and personalize your business so that you stand out. Write something that will have users think only of your company. This is a great way to receive the clicks you’re searching for.

Use These Techniques To Dominate The Ad Game

These are great ways to separate you from competitors. Take the time to write an ad that really answers questions and personalizes what your specific demographic is in search of.

People don’t want a “click here” spammy ad. They want real solutions to real problems, and if you can offer that, you’ll get users to click on your ads.

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