Copywriting Tips For Facebook Ads-Beginner guide

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Marketing doesn’t look the same as it once did. Billboards, commercials, and full-page magazine advertisements are becoming a thing of the past. With consumers spending a great deal of their time using search engines and social media, digital marketing has taken its place as the most popular and effective way to reach a target market, increase visibility, and gain website traffic.

Digital marketing itself isn’t that cut and dry, however. There are numerous tools to use in an effective digital marketing strategy. Facebook Ads is one tool that is essential for reaching a specific target audience and getting them to take a call to action.

Facebook Ads is a specialized way to create an ad that will be seen by the right people, at the right time. That’s why copywriting is key in their creation. Without unique, skilled copywriting, businesses are just throwing away this opportunity to reach more qualified leads, increase their website traffic exponentially, and gain the conversions they need.

So, you really need to know the best way to write these incredibly important ads. But, first…

Why are Facebook Ads so important?

If you have a business, you need customers. In fact, without customers, you don’t really have a business. Finding those potential customers, standing out to them, and making them want to know more about your business, isn’t easy.

That’s why the platform that Facebook offers for online advertisements is so great. It enables businesses to target their audience very specifically, ensuring that their ads only show up for those people that are the most likely to click on it and take their call to action.

Facebook Ads is really the most targeted form of advertising out there today. It is set up so that users can reach the exact audience that they’re looking for, choosing specifications such as age, geographical location, behaviors, and interests. With Facebook holding the crown as the most popular social media platform, and the majority of consumers utilizing it on a daily basis, narrowly targeted ads are sure to bring businesses the conversions they need

How do I write an effective Facebook Ad?

Once you understand why you need to use Facebook Ads, the next thing you’ll want to know is how to write a great one. While accurately targeting your ad is essential, it’s not the only thing that you need in order to convince your audience to click.

When they finally read your ad, they need to be inspired to want to know more and take your call to action. The only way to make this happen is with well-written and creative copywriting.

Here are five copywriting tips you need to follow to ensure your Facebook Ads are effective:

  • Know your target market

This goes without saying, but you must know your target market. This isn’t just for Facebook Ad targeting purposes, either. You can’t write something that reaches into the soul and lights a fire if you don’t understand the people you’re trying to reach.

When you have done the work and you really understand who your target market is, you will be able to write something that stirs them, that shows them you have the solutions they need, and that makes them want to stick around. Get to know your target market so that you can write something that reaches them.

  • Have a clear vision

You don’t just need a clear vision for your business altogether, you need a clear vision for every step along the way. That means you will want each ad to have its own vision.

What is the call to action that you want your audience to take? Due to the various calls to action, your vision may look different for each call to action. This goal will give you a clue as to what needs to be written in order to encourage people to take your call to action.

  • Focus on your audience

To get your audience to take your call to action, you’ll want to spend some time really focusing on them and connecting. It’s important to keep in mind that potential customers are not out looking specifically for you, they’re out looking for solutions to their problems. You have the solutions, and you need your Facebook Ad to help you stand out and show them you are the business that they can trust.

By focusing on your audience and not just focusing on your business, your products, and gaining customers, you’ll be able to build their trust. Trust, in turn, will build customers.

Part of focusing on your audience is zoning in on their emotions stemming from their pain points. These pain points are the reason they’re searching for a business like yours. They need solutions to these problems and they’re bound and determined to find them.

Your ad needs to recognize these problems and recognize how your audience is feeling. It needs to be filled with empathy and compassion, letting your audience know that you understand them and allowing them to feel heard and valued.

When you are able to acknowledge their pain, call forth their emotions, and show them that they can trust you, you are well on your way to gaining a loyal customer.

  • Write a story

Stories bring life into any scenario, including Facebook Ads. Stories help people relate to one another or to a situation. Write a story to demonstrate an understanding of the customer’s problem, as well as how they were able to use the solution your business provides to move past it.

With a well-written, compelling story, you can show your audience how your products can be used, how they are helping people, and why it’s so important to click on your ad.

  • Make sure your stand out message is at the beginning

Whether your Facebook Ad is long-form or short, you want it to begin with the overall message. What is the consumer going to gain from this ad? Whether it’s a sale, a newsletter, a coupon code, or some special information, they need to know right away what they are going to gain.

Remember, you’re writing to an extremely targeted group that has a specific problem you have the solution to. They’re not going to waste their time trying to figure out the point of an ad. They’re going to see the first sentence and make a decision on whether or not it would be worth it to continue reading.

When writing a Facebook Ad, your top priority is to ensure they keep reading and eventually take your call to action. So, let them know right away, in that first sentence, that you have the solution they’re looking for. As soon as they see that, they’re going to be hooked on reading your ad.

Then, what will follow is a story that shows them you understand their struggle and tells about someone else who overcame by using your product or service. You’ll be using language and examples that reach them. You’ll be building trust and, eventually, gaining customers.

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