7 Touches Towards Conversion for your clients


If you’re shooting for sales conversions for your clients – especially for high ticket goods or services – it’s not enough to draw visitors to their website. (Though a great website is a big part of the process.) They’ve got to “touch” potential customers at least seven times to get that response they want. Now keep your mind out of the gutter and listen to how this works.

Stellar Social Media Posts

Get them to think of social media as a billboard. People speed by, glance, and see their face, name, or brand. And then they’re gone. But your client isn’t gone. Because they’ve left an imprint in the potential customer’s mind (and on the internet). Make sure it’s a good one, worth remembering because that’s one “touch.”

Wicked Good Website

We’ve talked before about how important a well-designed website with killer content is. If your client’s website is in good shape, the touch they leave can be long-lasting. Their site has to be pleasant to look at, easy to navigate, and clearly written. If they are missing any of these elements, the touch they leave will be more like an annoying pinch.

Jaw-dropping Drip Campaigns

Drip campaigns are today thank you notes and beyond. They’re a series of reminders that you know what you’re talking about and are willing to talk about it. In a drip campaign, your clients are giving something valuable away, without giving it all away. Technically, a drip campaign can provide most of the touches needed to convert, but most people don’t read everything in the campaign. So assume that out of say, five emails, your contact only reads one. Don’t let your client get depressed about that. It’s normal.

Awesome Offers

Offers can be ads, contests, coupons, freebies…you name it. We see them in print publications, online, in the media, and they can have some effectiveness, especially if your client has reached out and touched their audience in other ways prior to them seeing the offer. Just remember that an offer should never undervalue their product. It should promote it.

Friendly Follow-up Calls

Yeah, the phone. Some people hate it. Some people love it. Some people never answer it. But your client needs to try it. Have them pick up the phone, dial that number and talk to that person on the other end of their drip campaign or the one who left a comment on their Facebook post. It’s another way of touching, and if done the right way (without being obnoxious), it can be pretty dang effective.

Gold-Medal Meetings

Live, online, on the phone. Meetings are great ways to turn the touch into a back rub. This is where your client gets to massage the process and really show what they know.  But don’t have them do it by talking and talking. Have them do it by asking questions and really listening. Then help your client come up with a plan that their potential client will not want to refuse.

Trusted Testimonials/ Referrals

One of the strongest touches won’t come from your client at all. It will come from people who know them. Not just, “Yeah, he’s a great guy.” More like, “She took my website from an ugly rag to a prom-ready dress.” Especially if they’ve got someone who speaks well, they are golden if they have clients and professionals in their corner who are ready to vouch for them.

There are hundreds of other ways your clients can touch a potential client. And sometimes, they may need to do it more than seven times. That’s okay. Because they are not just “touching” one person at a time. With a social media post or drip campaign, they are hopefully reaching hundreds or thousands. With their website, you should be helping them reach at least thousands, if not tens or hundreds of thousands. If you’re not, something’s wrong and it’s time to sit down with your client and create a new game plan.

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