5 Simple Tips to Keep Your SEO Clients Paying Monthly

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Gaining clients that pay monthly for your SEO services is challenging. It is especially challenging when business owners are unclear about the importance of SEO. They may understand that they need a website, but that doesn’t mean that they grasp the concept of SEO. In some instances, you’ll have to take the time to explain why SEO is essential, gaining buy-in from your leads before they will convert. Whether they already know they need SEO or not, it takes something extra for your company and services to stand out. By showing potential customers that you have a valuable solution for their SEO needs, you are able to gain conversions. However, in order to ensure retention, that those clients fall into a consistent pattern of monthly payments for your services, you have to deliver on that value and show them that they need your services for optimal results While getting that initial conversion may have been hard, retaining the clients so that they continue to pay you for those services each month is even harder. The good news is, there are some tips that you can use in order to help demonstrate your value to your clients and keep them paying for your SEO services each month.

1. Provide clear and realistic expectations

Some SEO services try to build value in the minds of potential clients by talking up the potential results. Promising, or even suggesting, top rankings and a huge ROI within the first few months of working with you, is just not realistic. If you gain clientele by making these suggestions, you are going to lose their trust pretty quickly after you begin implementing your strategy. After two or three months pass by and your clients are not seeing the results that you promised, they’re going to cancel your services fast. Instead of exaggerating expectations, make sure you are providing those that are clear and realistic. Layout an accurate, potential timeline right from the start. Communicate your processes and how long it typically takes to begin seeing results. Your clients will see the value and appreciate your authentic, genuine manner.

2. Build trust

Those clear expectations that you set from the beginning will help you to develop an exceptional relationship. In order to establish a long term relationship with your clients, they will need to be able to trust you, which begins with an accurate explanation of expectations and processes. As you work together, you will continue to build trust by keeping your client involved, sharing information, setbacks, and ideas. Keep in mind that your clients probably don’t completely understand the ins and outs of SEO. While they know that it is important, all the details can be quite confusing. Your clients depend on you for accurate information that helps them understand SEO and the strategies that you are using. Your clients will not continue to use your services if they don’t feel they can trust you. Focus on building trust and you will build a client for the long run.

3. Get to know your clients and their businesses

These days, consumers care deeply about relationships and personal connections. They want to feel like their purchases matter and are based in mutual respect, connection, and value. In order to encourage those types of feelings, you will want to get to know your clients on a personal level, as well as have a strong understanding of their business. This means knowing their name, as well as getting to know little details about them such as family and interests. You will want to take the time to dive into their brand, their purpose, their goals, and their personal passions that caused them to begin this business in the first place. When you talk with your clients, ask them questions about their lives and business that show them you have an interest and you care. Building this relationship will help to keep them as clients, as it will feel more personal for them than anything.

4. Have open communication

One of the biggest hindrances to a long term professional relationship is communication. Your clients are depending on you to optimize their website and help them achieve a high ranking. While they may not understand all of the variables, they expect you to communicate with them throughout the process. Ensure that open communication is a regular and expected part of the way you do business. Share your plan and the various details of your strategy with your clients. Keep them involved with the different aspects so that they know they are a part of things and they can count on you to update them when it’s necessary.

5. Give your clients’ valuable results

Some of your clients may not be interested in the process. They might just be content letting you run their SEO and bring in high rankings and lots of traffic. Yet, most of them will want to see results. They want to know how things are going each week, as well as what aspects of your strategy are working and which ones aren’t. As you collect the results of your work, pull out the most important ones for these clients. Share with them the details that are relevant and valuable to them, that show them the consistent benefit of your SEO services. While it may be difficult, you can definitely retain your SEO clients. By following these tips, you can help ensure that your SEO clients will feel a sense of loyalty to you and commitment to your services.

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