5 Reasons Why Your Clients Need SEO

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Every company knows about SEO. Whether they understand the specifics or not, they know that it’s important to their success. It isn’t just important it’s vital.

Your visibility online depends on your SEO strategy. Companies are coming to understand that the only way they can compete in today’s landscape is by coming up with and implementing a proper SEO strategy.

No matter how good your business might be, you can’t compete if you’re not seen. Here are five reasons why your clients need SEO

Organic Searches Are Where You’re Going To Get Most Of Your Traffic

This is the most simple reason for needing SEO. 80 percent of all searches are organic, and a high percentage of those searches are on Google. How many times in your life have you looked something up, and without a second thought Googled it?

Google is the most visited site in the world. So getting your website trusted by Google’s algorithm through SEO is extremely valuable.

Again, think of yourself as a web user. How many times have you gone past the first page of Google’s search results? Second page? I’m going to say almost never. Getting on that first page of Google is crucial to your success. 

Proper SEO Is The Key To Changing The Customers Buying Cycle

Customers know what they’re looking for. They know how to research the products that they’re looking for. They type in keywords, and it can be a game-changer for those keywords to match with yours.

When they search for a certain product or service your brand needs to pop right up. Show them good deals, and groundbreaking service. If you can do this, you won’t only get a sale but you can potentially gain a lifetime customer.

Sometimes that’s all it takes to gain and keep a customer. By placing your products and services at the right place and the right time, you can change the customer buying cycle and create a long-lasting relationship.

Staying On Top Of Best SEO Practices Will Keep Your Site Relevant

SEO is important because Google’s algorithm is constantly changing. This requires constant updates of your website, and social media in order to stay on page 1 of Google. SEO doesn’t end when you reach a high rank, you need to maintain it.

By implementing SEO best practices you can stay ahead of your competitors. Continue to update your content. Edit old content, and create new content. By monitoring all of Google’s algorithms you can stay ahead.

It’s a never-ending battle to stay trusted with Google. SEO strategies can help you gain a high-rank and most importantly keep it.

SEO Is A Long Term Strategy

While many different marketing strategies focus on the short term, a proper SEO strategy focuses on the long term that can last several years.

Time is one of the main factors of building and keeping trust within Google’s algorithm. It can have significant effects during the first year, but it can continue after that. The reason is that, if you’re creating top-notch content all the time, you’re going to create more engagement and that builds trust.

The more time you commit to your long-term SEO strategy, the more engagement you receive, and the more trust you build.

Ultimately You Gain More Credibility With A Proper SEO Strategy

There’s a reason that people don’t go past the first page of Google. It isn’t just because of the convenience of having search results appear on the top of the page, the main reason is that those sites have what people are looking for.

Before Google’s algorithm became what it is today, the top results didn’t always mean the most trusted. You could just keyword stuff, and sometimes that would get you a high rank. But now the algorithm has adapted, and it’s much more efficient than it once was.

Now users know that if your site is a top-ranked website, it’s trusted. Google’s algorithm will not promote sites that don’t follow proper SEO procedures and consistently put out good and thoughtful content.

Your Clients Need SEO To Engage, Grow, And Be The Best In Their Business

These five reasons are why you need SEO. The digital world is extremely competitive. There’s access to everything out there, and it can be very hard to compete. The only way that you’re business can compete is through proper SEO.

The sky is the limit with a good SEO strategy. It will help grow your business and extend your global reach. But when you’re doing it, don’t try to fool the algorithm by trying to cheat your way to the top. Keyword stuffing and other cheating methods won’t work. The algorithm is too advanced now.

The way to the top is by consistently creating thought-provoking and engaging content. Make sure to respond to comments on your blogs. Keep the conversation going. When Google sees that you’re engaged, and helping others, that will help your rank.

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